This week and more!!!!

Lift Those Hands with Lynn White right now with lots of praise. There will be no Praise, Power and Prayer this week on Wednesday. This coming Thursday will be DJ Greg doing a special theme of “Beer” and it sounds like lots of fun! On Same Time, Same Station we will feature The Andrew Sisters.  On a sad note, it was announced this week that we will be losing DJ Blind Toes at the end of the month. Toes, you will be missed. I pray for good things for you in your future. Coming in October a new spotlighted show so stayed tuned for highlights next week. We are pleased to announce a new DJ who will be bringing you 80’s Again and Solid State. Look for him to join us on the air September 23 and 24. Also, Dan K will be adding another A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That, beginning on Tuesday October 4 at 8PM Eastern time. So glad we get to hear him for another hour each week. Our schedule will look different next week so check it out!