Coming this week and saying goodbye

We have two items to say goodbye to. First, a legend has passed away and the music world as we know will not be the same! Olivia Newton John, passed away on August 8 peacefully after fighting cancer for a long time off and on. There are articles with her daughter and John Trivolta all over the Internet. She will be missed by so many. Beach Baby will highlight some of her song tracks and movies on Beachin’ It with Beach Baby at 1PM Friday afternoon. She was 73 years old. We will also say goodbye to our Hymns for Him show, as it’s last airing will be this upcoming Sunday at 5PM Eastern. If you listened to Toes take over for Currents on the Coast this past Friday and loved his upbeat fun dance songs, check out K-POP by the Shore on Tuesday and send him your requests to He is so much fun! Theme Thursday will be Part 2 of the word, “DON’T”. So “Don’t” miss it.