How to Listen

Ocean Waves Radio has a vast variety of music for you to choose from. If one show is not what you prefer, remember there are many to choose from.

**There are many ways to listen to our station. Below, we have detailed the many ways to access it on the web site, your Google and Amazon devices and your phone.


Use your favorite browser on the computer or laptop and bring up:
Then if you have not already received your free subscription to our weekly updates and stories, hit the E key if you are using N.V.D.A. or JAWS for an edit field. Type your email address.
Then tab once and you can hit enter on the submit button.
To listen, just go to the “Play” link to listen to the station.


On your amazon devices, “Alexa, Echo, Ziggy)
You say, Alexa play ocean waves radio on tune in.
You say, Alexa, open get me radio.
When you are prompted, say ocean waves radio.
Or on her you can also say, Alexa, open live 365 and you will be promted,
Say, play ocean waves radio.

Google Home

On your google device, you say
okay google or hey google,
talk to get me radio or live 365.
He will prompt you for our station name. ocean waves radio.


On your Victor Stream we can be accessed with Ooo tunes. It is always easiest to put our station in your favorites.

Smart Phones

You can also get it on your phones by adding the live 365 app to your phone or tune in. On either app, just download first then search ocean waves radio. Or simply go to the web site from your phone browsers.