About Us

We began putting the station together in June of 2020 for our listener’s pleasure. Our DJs are committed to playing what you want to hear. Two days a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, we offer a variety of Christian music so that you can start your week with a great outlook and again in the middle of the week for a Worship Wednesday uplifting boost, as we get our worship on.

Ocean Waves Radio is a  great station for variety.

We play a  veritable plethora of styles and genres. Our DJs are different from one another and make it fun to see what is coming up next. From Christian to secular, from hard to soft, from old to new and fast to slow, there is something here to please everyone!

The best is yet to come!

We play music for a  purpose!

We want to make provision for those with various levels of visual impairment with a  place to shine. 74% of our DJs and management suffer with vision loss and have already excelled on our station. We would like to be able to employ them to establish a  sense of dignity and value.

How do we plan to accomplish this?

  • Educating the public
  • We need donors for the station to stay on the air.
  • We need advertisers to provide equipment to our listeners and DJs.
  • We wish to restore value, self worth, dignity and rid those suffering with feelings of depression and shame, by providing  a  place of gainful employment that will also be a  fun environment.