About Us


Our mission is to affirm and rebuild God given dignity, empower and build hope, while we use radio to create employment opportunities for those with vision loss.

Renewing Hearts Inc. is Doing Business As, Ocean Waves Radio. Our founder’s mission began at the ocean. The ocean can be fun, full of adventure, beautiful and empowering. It can also be intimidating with the roaring of the crashing waves and vast creatures like sharks that live within.

Our metaphorical expression of facing challenges as falling out of a boat with sharks nipping at heels emphasizes the importance of resilience and the need to make choices in difficult situations. The analogy of “sink or swim” conveys the idea that adversity can be an opportunity for personal growth and determination.

The aspiration to “create swimmers” aligns with the mission of Renewing Hearts Inc. It suggests a commitment to empowering individuals to overcome challenges, develop resilience, and navigate through difficult circumstances successfully. This mindset not only fosters a sense of greater independence but also promotes a supportive environment that encourages personal development and growth.

Our goal is to use our strong belief in God, music, education, technology, and employment to build up those with issues caused by vision loss.  Our hope is to use Ocean Waves Radio to accomplish these goals.

Our team members will refine and extend their skills in all aspects of radio broadcasting to ensure their employability in the blind and sighted communities.

Ocean Waves Radio provides listeners a rich variety of musical genres to suit many tastes.

Interested in becoming a DJ?

We’re constantly seeking talented DJs to join our team, embracing individuals with both exceptional skills and visual impairments. If you have a passion for music and bring unique talents to the table, we invite you to be a part of our vibrant team.

Send your inquiry to oceanwavesradio@gmail.com or fill out our DJ Application Form.


There are so many great people to say thanks to and acknowledge for great support through the process of launching Ocean Waves Radio. Many have given hours of time to encouraging me, fixing file names, helping me find different genres of music, supporting financially and so forth. Below is a list of names of some who have done so much, that Ocean Waves Radio would not exist without them.

Casey Matthews

Casey, thanks so very much for your expertise in IT. I am a total dork when it comes to technology and you have helped me to overcome fear, to learn how to use key commands and screen readers to do so many tasks and important items in order to get to this point. You have helped me to see how patience, while I learn is imperative and you have encouraged me, especially when I really don’t understand how to accomplish a new task. Your helpfulness has assisted me to bring Ocean Waves Radio where it is today. Also, thanks for teaching me how to use Word Press. I will highly recommend you as the most patient and knowledgeable man for trouble shooting and IT assistance.

Hung To

Thanks for being one of my cheerleaders and for spending hours upon hours, fixing file names. You are a dynamo!

Lorraine Hafford

I can’t tell you how much the laughter we have shared has kept me encouraged through the difficult and dark moments throughout the process of reaching my goal of having my own radio station. Thanks for all the music ideas and for spending time, just listening. Thanks for believing in me and for kicking me in the butt when I wanted to quit.

Maria Celano

Thanks for helping to teach me gold wave, creating clips and commercials and for your encouragement throughout the process. I would love for you to join our DJ team.

Mike Huhn

Thanks so very much for spending so many hours fixing file names, talking to me about radio ideas, supporting me with finding others to assist with technological issues and laughing to keep me sane. Thanks for your consideration in sponsorship, as well.

Rick Eidson

Thanks for everything. Financial support, encouragement, laughter, for being my partner in crime, for your love and help with the technology and especially for believing in me.

Scott Overpeck

Thanks for helping me with research, music, creator, love, patience, set up with twitter, web site, and so many other things in my radio journey. I appreciate you so much.

Larry and John Gassman

You guys are the cutest twins I know, and your jingles and technology assistance is so appreciated and loved. We go back a long way and I know I can count on you, no matter what.

Dan Kerstetter

Thanks so very much with teaching me so much about the studio and encoding. You are brilliant. I truly do wish you would join our DJ team!

Nik Petersson

Nik is a good person to use for training because of how calm and patient he is. He has a wealth of knowledge and is good about sharing it with others.

Shawn Satterfield

Shawn comes very highly recommended, especially to others who wish to have a good looking site, a site that is accessible to those with vision impairments and to those who need something that is friendly to all.

So many of my friends and church members have sent, prayers, love, encouraging words and amazing exhortations along the way and I am so very appreciative to all of you. Now, just tell all of your friends, coworkers, family members and friends about Ocean Waves Radio so we can get more and more sponsors on our team!