Playing Music for a Purpose and weekly updates

Here is what Lynn says about Lift Those Hands:

On Lift Those Hands, we have a new live album from Austin French called Live in Texas.

There is a new artist named Davy Flowers. However, her voice has been heard as part of The Worship Initiative. Her album is called I Was Loved. Also, we will highlight Keith Green. On Theme Thursday this week, Rainbow Girl will be presenting music with the word, “Baby” in the title. On Praise, Power and Prayer we will continue part two of our Keith Green tribute.  Check out our schedule here on the site for times based on U.S. Eastern time.

Today, I want to brag a bit on our radio station. My husband and I are the owners of Ocean Waves Radio and it has been on the air almost 2 full years. It has been so much fun watching it grow and bringing in new programs and some of the best DJ’s an Internet station could possibly have. We have come such a long way. From the ideas to bringing to a dream come true.
We are now the station that plays music for a purpose.
What is this purpose, you might be asking! Well, 75% of our staff is totally blind and has a place to call their own now. The blind community is known in the United States to have the most education of all other disabilities but yet not many have jobs because the lack of education of the blind is so prevalent.
We want to begin taking donations so that each one who knows us can help provide equipment and funds to pay blind people to work on our stations team.
So many newly blinded people have issues with low self esteem, shame, and other inadequacies that hold them back. We want to give them a real sense of value and rid them of their shame and replace it with dignity. There are so many opportunities for different jobs such as becoming a DJ or an assistant manager or a tech support person.
By the first of the year, we should have our not for profit licenses are squared away and then we will be able to take donations to be one of the greatest supports for people who need it. One of our team members lost his spouse due to issues of blindness and this is heart breaking. If we could be paying him he may not have lost his spouse. If we can ehlp others to feel good about themselves and feel good about what they do, our communities will become stronger and we can shine a light on this situation.
In the meantime, feel free to visit our web site and meet our DJ’s. You can become a Patron by clicking on the Patreon link. We can advertise your small businesses and play your adds for you to our listeners.
Can’t wait to see you all there. Write us with any questions to