Party, Party, Party August 3

Don’t forget everyone about Praise, Power and Prayr coming up in less than 30  mintes. Send us your song and prayers requests now so we can be sure they will make it in todays show or we can do them next week. It will be the most fun Christian party ever. Also, you will hear a special edition of our Barbeque grill hints directly afterwards. On Friday a fabulous beach party is coming your way and on The Currents show, since Rainbow Girl is out of town, Toes has the best party songs set up just you so send him your requests to blind.toes@gmailcom. This weeks theme is all song titles of the word, “don’t” and there are so many we will have part one this week and part two next week. The Party at with Lynn White is not airing for a couple weeks so stay tuned for updates.