New things happening and exciting changes

This week on Lift Those Hands,


We Have two artists who have new albums.


Cody Carnes is known for being a worship leader and writer and performer of praise music. He is married to Kari Jobe.


His most recent album is called God Is Good (Live).


The other artist is also known for being a worship leader, writer and performer. He is Travis Cottrell. His latest album is called The Kindness Of The Cross.


Also, we’ll note the passing of a legendary gospel performer who died at a fairly young age.


As is our custom, your requests are important to me. Feel free to write to the show by sending an email message to

Don’t forget that Dan K will be presenting his show tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 8PM Eastern and we are so excited to have him joining us for a second hour on the station. Directly after him, we will add Lift Those Hands with Lynn White at 9PM Eastern.

For now, we are dropping our weekly theme Thursday show but hope to put a new look and sound to it for next year. It will be dedicated to our listeners and will have some exciting additions to it. Stay tuned to more details on this in the near future. We are saying a sad good-bye to Rainbow Girl with Currents on the Coast and Passion under the Pier with your after dark mistress and Late Night Bartender. and will do our very best to bring back this amazing Passion show next year as well.

Our Thursday schedule will be moving around so give us a few days and our schedule will be updated soon. Wednesdays will be looking different as well. New shows are coming your way within the next couple weeks. Tell your friends about us and look up our Facebook page, Twitter Page and Tmmbler Page. For questions, write us at