Hurricane Anyone?

On Lift Those Hands this week, here is what Lynn White has to say:

On this week’s Lift Those Hands,


Our featured artist is Blanca whose new album is called The Heartbreak And The Healing. This album was the result of a painful divorce and her walk getting past that horrible event.


As always, your requests are welcomed. I can’t wait to hear what songs you come up with.

Due to hurricane Ian, Beach Baby will be unable to use the computers and produce live shows on both Thursday and Friday. So this means no Oceanfront Kickin’ Country, no Theme Thursday, No Beachin’ It With Beach Baby and no Passion Under the Pier. Please say prayers for all those who are in the line of fire.

Please be sure to to check out tonight’s K-Pop by the shore with Blind Toes since it is the last one that will air as he is leaving our station to move on to some new adventures in his life. Also, check out our newest DJ on his shows on Friday and Saturday and check out the schedule for all new times for our week-end line up. Be safe everyone and have a fabulous rest of your week and week-end.