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New show and Need

I am writing you to announce my new show beginning on Thursday evenings and the repeat of it on Monday nights.

The show will highlight the 50’s and 60;s and is “Yesterday’s Hoppin’, Rockin’ and BeBopping’” show that will be fun and new. It will play at 9PM Eastern on Thursdays live and the repeat will play at 7PM Eastern on Monday nights. I am creating it’s promo today and tomorrow so will add it to our DJ drop box or our personal boxes so each one of you can play it during your shows all this week and next. In honor of TBird, Terry I will end it with an Elvis tune and will take requests for the Thursday night show.

I will also be playing one song each week that doesn’t belong in the 50’s and 60’s line from other decades and give people listening the chance to write in and let me know which song it is so that they can add up their points each month for a free prize at the end of the month.

Looking to fill some spots on Thuesday’s and Thursday’s and for one hour shows throughout the week if you know of vibrant and fun people with computer experience to join our team. Send them to our web iste and have them fill out the DJ application which will be redone this week or next of the site. You can let them know to send me a recording of their voice doing a fake station ID or promo for the station. They can send that as an attachment to our cean waves radio email.

I appreciate all of you and trust you are all doing well. Thanks for all of you who have called or sent emails to check up on me after my surgery and this awful sinus infection. So glad all that is nearly behind me. You, my friends are the best team ever!