Happy New Year from Ocean Waves Radio

So many changes here on our station. Shows came and went. Keep checking our schedule for changes. We lost an amazing man and he will be missed so deeply. DJ Terry and some of you knew him by T-Bird on The Malt Shop passed away. The staff here is grieved and Terry will be missed so greatly. Epic radio will still go on with Terry’s partner in crime, Phillip and some changes will go on there, as well. Today on Ocean Waves Radio at 6PM Eastern we will have the top 50 hits playing from 2022 and will repeat tomorrow night after Dan K’s A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That. We are looking for experienced DJ’s for Tuesday and Thursdays during the daytime and also for some great Christian programming for Wednesday mornings and evenings. Fill out our application to get more information on that. Let’s make this new year a great one together. Stay strong and keep smiling!