Happy New Year’s 2024

There are so many great things about Ocean Waves Radio and I am going to explain some here. We have many of the same shows and new ones, as well and some coming soon.
We are proud to welcome the following DJ’s to our team:
Jim, who is doing That 70’s Show every Tuesday at 4 Eastern and he will also be doing with Rachael Upon this Rock with all Christian music from the 70’s and 80’s and a little more recent and the bantor and talk between these two characters is pretty fun to hear. It all happens every Wednesday morning at 9 Eastern. Stay in tune to this because it may change this year.
Lady C halso joined us and she is doing Smooth Seas and it really is a soothing way to end a day. She will be doing this live every Thursday at 8 Eastern and it will be repeated on Monday nights. Check out our schedule for exact times.
We are looking forward to a two hour of instrumental favorites, coming soon. Currents on the Coast is back on Thursdays at 5 Eastern and it will have tracks from 2015 to today and it is all music, no DJ so you can join it and just have it on for parties, for background music while you are cooking dinner or washing dishes or when you want to sing along or dance!
Our Vinyl Vibes is drawing a lot of attention. We have the best stuff playing on the Internet that you could imagine so even when there is no scheduled show, you will want to leave it on so you can enjoy the great tracks our team has chosen for your listening pleasure.
We would love to add a talk show this year and highlight people with vision loss and tell you about the amazing jobs and contriputions they have made to our communities. We are also looking still for an amazing and knowledgable sports DJ so spread the news!
We are still taking requests all the time, look for your ideas on special themes and artists highlights and we have a phone number to make this easy for you. It will be listed at the bottom of this note.
We are also taking applications for those who might be interested in joining our team. We are always looking for new talent and shows that will entertain or enlighten our listeners.
Write us any time:
For requests, call us at: