Yesteryears Baseball and more

Don’t forget about our amazing baseball games on Ocean Waves Radio. Here is what Paul says:

GAME TIMES are: 8-8:30 AM central, 9-9:30 AM Eastern and 1500-1530 throughout most of Europe.

REMINDER game 1 between  2021 Rays and 2017 Dodgers.  This will be our 22nd series on Ocean Waves Radio of these half hour, play by play (not pitch by pitch), statistically accurate (within a 3% error margin) games.

Our fantastic Kevi Wunder and DJ Randi are making a huge splash as they share love with you. They share completely differently from each other but are both very entertaining. Monday nights at 9:30PM Eastern and Friday nights at 9PM Eastern is when love sweeps the shores.

We have changes coming soon to the radio that you will not want to miss out on. Stay tuned to hear all about these changes coming to Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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