What is coming up this week: June 19, 2022

Of course, our amazing theme Thursday will be showing up and our very own Rainbow Girl will be presenting, “Ice Cream”!!! Who doesn’t love ice cream? Run to the grocery, grab your favorite kind and eat it while you listen, this week on Thursday at 6PM Eastern time.

Afterwards, you can listen to the Malt Shop and gain more weight with the burgers and shakes there with TBird. This begins at 8PM Eastern.

…and after that, our brand new show, Classics with Mr. and Mrs. R. This is at 10PM Eastern.


Tomorrow night , we have

This week on Lift Those Hands,


We are looking at two albums which came out this year.


In hour one, we’ll listen to The Gaither Vocal Band’s album called Let’s Just Praise The Lord. This project contains several modern praise songs that you know.


In Hour two, Praise City and Kirk Franklin teamed to create a recording from prison. Kingdom Book One contains a few popular Kirk Franklin songs and there are new ones as well.

On Saturday night, we have a special plan from DJ Greg who will be giving away a fun prize to one lucky winner. Come and join him to see what that might be! On Ocean Waves Radio Saturday night at 5PM Eastern with Rockin’ Riptides. The best classic rock and then some.

We have new 70’s and 80’s and Top 40 American hits coming soon. Stay tuned.