This week; Saying good-bye

Oh, it’s so very sad for all of us here at Ocean Waves Radio to announce that Talented HV is leaving us this week.

This Saturday will be her last week for this amazing show. She is heading off to school to begin her Bachelor’s program. While we are excited that she is moving forward with her education, it is a huge loss for us here at the station. She has done some great shows which includes  her Saturday afternoon program called Mixing Up The Waves and her Monday afternoon show called, Poppin’ It By The Sea, and also all those amazing promos she has done for us, as well. She has assisted us in so many ways behind the scene that none or our listeners see but the rest of us will miss so very much.

Let us say, thanks so very much to her and if you have heard her shows and have enjoyed them, please send  an email to let her know and say goodbye.

This Saturday, will be her last Mixing up the Waves and she will present it at 7PM Eastern which is not her normal time so be aware of that.

On Monday, June 27 will be her last Poppin’ It by the Shore show at the normal time.

Thanks so much for the past 13 months of your sweet voice and time on the air. We love you and will miss you more than you know.

From your friends here at Ocean Waves Radio!!!