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Theme Thursday

What is this all about, you might be asking! We are taking advantage of as many DJ’s as we can on Thursdays, each week to bring to you a  variety of themes for either a one or two hour show. At 10AM Eastern time, several DJ’s will be presenting a  new theme. At 5PM Eastern, Talented HV will Present and at 7PM Eastern, Beach Baby will present and sometimes Johnny V. At 3PM, Beach Baby will do themes that are all country songs. Once a  month, Johnny V  will do a  theme using all 50’s  and 60’s.

Each theme could be a  specific word in the song title, it could be numbers, colors, places, dances, animals and a  veritable plethora of diverse themes.

If you have a  specific theme that you would like to hear, send your suggestions to

and we will take all suggestions into consideration. All themes must be family friendly and approves by management.

This day will be lots of fun! Look for the daily themes in the morning on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

See you all on Thursdays!