New Stuff

Check out our schedule as there are so many changes. We have a new 70’s show on Tuesdays. This new DJ, Jim, has so much passion for what he does and you can feel it every time he speaks. His energy makes me tired! Our Sunday schedule looks very different and we have two new DJ’s from The UK and seriously, I would listen just to hear the British accents. Kara does so many fun segments during her show. Come along and bounce, bounce, bounce along with her. Her 5 after 9 segment is one of my favorites because she includes her listeners and we all feel like we are a part of the show. Terry Clasper does What’s the year! You have to guess what year  heis music and trivia is from. He has two years each week and it is another show that promises to include his listeners.

Be on the lookout for two new shows coming soon. On wednesday mornings and on Thursday early evings. Ocean Waves is coming along fabulously and we are so proud of what we have to present to our listeners. We now have our license and are working on the back end to take donations so we can pay our blind and visually impaired DJ’s because we all know it is so difficult to find jobs in our local communities and we are working hard to change this. Thanks to the Division of Blind Services and to other community  builders for their help with a business plan and for the help with finding ways to monetize these endeavors. We are meeting goals each month and it is proven by the amount of listeners we are gaining. Thanks to all of you.