New On The Air Right Now

We wish to welcome Kara in the morning as we speak, live from Phoenix Radio 1208 with a great line up of tracks, news, weather and more. She will repeat at 9AM for those who are not awake yet. Come and check her out. Also, directly after her show live, is Terry Clasper from the UK presenting Terry’s what’s the year? He will play music and ask you questions or tell you some very significant things that happened in that year and then you guess what year he is referring to. It is so much fun and he is an awesome communicater. Come and check him out. If you are sleeping right now, then check out his replay at noon and enjoy. We are so grateful to add these two amazing DJ’s from Phoenix Radio to Ocean Waves Radio and thanks for joining our team, both of you.

Also, if you have a request for a special them, beach corner or song request, you can now call Beach Baby at 888.403-2990. Have a beautiful day!