Great stuff developing as we speak

So excited to first of all remind you all that DJ Randi is starting the secret garden right here on Friday night 9PM Eastern time with special love nuggets. It is going to be so fun to add this amazing musicologist join our team. Also, tonight we have Kevin doing country love on the ocean at 9:30PM and it will air every Monday night. Coming soon we will be adding theme Thursday. We used to do this with our DJ’s taking turns each week but now our station will be playing two new themes between Beach Baby’s Oceanfront Kickin Country and her Yesterday’s Hoppin, Rockin and BeBoppin show. For two 90 segments, one will be all current top 40 hits from 2015 to today and the other will be Soft rock and easy listening. These two new segments are expected by the first part of August and then in September we are hoping to build a new theme as well. We love your feedback so if there is a show style you don’t see on our web site, let us know so I can try to get it on for you. The best news is that now we have added a new ball cap to our shop. It is available in black, white and navy and white. They all have our beautiful ocean waves radio logo that is pretty spectacular. Ocean Waves Radio strives to bring you the very best so stick with us, support our team and have fun each and every day, along with us.