A Note from the manager; Spring is Coming Soon

Let’s get ready for spring. Not only on the radio, but in our daily lives.
What is spring? Are we talkin’ the little contraptions that bounce back when we pull on them or jump on them on top our beds? Of course not!
We’re talkin’ about the word, spring and the season, that comes after winter and before summer.
I would venture to guess that we have all heard about the term, “spring cleaning”, right? This is when we begin throwing out the stuff that is just that, stuff. Things we don’t use anymore, things we don’t want or things that don’t work anymore.
We then, donate what we can, sell some of it or give it to friends or family. Whatever is left after all that, we begin to go through and put in new places, organizing all of it, best we can. We feel so accomplished when we finish the project. Let’s take this a bit deeper.
There are times when we all need to do spring cleaning of our thoughts, activities and emotions. “What is she talkin about” you might be asking right now.
What I mean is that we often times think or do stuff we shouldn’t think or do. Sometimes, we would be ashamed if others knew our thoughts. Sometimes we are embarrassed of our actions or how we feel about a particular situation.
We need to take control of our emotions, actions and thoughts. Never allow these things to have control over us. If we know something is off, then do something to change it. Sometimes, simply saying to ourselves, “stop it” and then replacing that behavior with something more positive is all it takes.
I remember I had a client who had thoughts of ending her life. I asked her if she truly wanted to die. She said, “Most of the time I want to live but I just want it to be different”.
I invited her to use an old cognitive behavioral trick. Put a rubber band on your wrist. When you are having a thought or doing something you don’t really want to do or think, then snap that baby as hard as you can. Get your own attention in a hury. At that point, do something that replaces the bad thing with something good. Sit down and write someone a thank you note. Go for a walk or bike ride. Call a friend to say hello. Pray and ask God to help you change this very moment.
This client began to do this. She said the more she turned her wrist red and bruised it up, the less she started experiencing the same things over and over again.
I think she got so busy with talking out her issues and facing them in a different manner, her life began to shape up in ways it couldn’t before because these thoughts and behaviors were controling her. She took control and allowed God to change things so that she could begin experiencing some peace and joy. She started helping others instead of being chained to the old stuff. Changing our focus to good things is certainly a step in the right direction.
Now, I am not saying this to be coy, I really believe something this simple really assists us in making a difference to our own lives and in others lives, as well.
If you are a Bible reader, read the book of Philippeans. It speaks of focus, talks about running to get to the end result and joy. It is so encouraging. Many of us run for exercise or for winning a race but remember that 1 Corinthians 9:24 tells us that many run the race but only one of us can win the race. It then tells us to run to win. The Bible also tells us to run with perseverance. There is nothing better than being able to say, I have won the race as it says in Galatians 5:7. “I have kept the faith”.
So, back to spring. We have also heard the term, spring forward. That would be what I’m talkin” about. Spring forward to bigger and better things. Don’t allow stuff that is harmful to us hold us back. Spring cleaning and springing forward are terms we can use to grow and mature. Being stuck in the quick sand can lead us to death. Don’t go there. There is always a way out. Get help if you can’t do it alone. We were never created to do it all on our own anyway. God is with us and we have each other.
Now, that spring is here and the winter chill is lessening and the warm sun is peaking out, enjoy the moments of warmth and pleasure. When the sun is out and the gentle breezes cross our paths, rest in the pleasure and smiles those times bring.
No matter how dirty it may appear, do your spring cleaning now and get your stuff in order. Then spring forward to a better place. Enjoy the beautiful flowers on a walk. Enjoy a phone call with a friend or neighbor. Pray. Get some exercise. Dance and listen to good music. Enjoy your kids and grandkids. Let’s see what the next season brings!