Show Descriptions

1. Midnight Star Caressing The Waves
If you are in the mood for love, come join Star for a great 2 hours of lighthearted romance. She takes requests and you can listen with your loved ones. She is on Saturday night at 9PM Eastern time. Simply write her at

2. A Little Bit of this and a little bit of that
Dan K presents this show full of classic and alternative rock two nights a week and one night a week he pumps it up with some harder rock sounds. Write him with requests at:

3. Beachin It With Beach Baby
This the very best way to get your mind, heart and body ready for the week-end. Beach Baby will play a vaiety of dance, Caribbean, Jamaican, Hawaiian and music from all genres that remind you of the best beach party on the Internet. That’s right, you might hear The Beach Boys, Jand and Dean, Anette Funicello and even Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney. All genres, all of the time. Sometimes, she will have a specific theme like the 70’s or top 40. Come party with her on Fridays at 1PM Eastern time. She will even round four corners during the surf ride and you don’t know where she will take you.
For requests, email and she will do her very best to get them on for you. Come join us at the beach!

4. The Party
Come ready to have fun. Enjoy good music, dad jokes and an observation about life. Of course, what you want to hear is what we’ll play. The show is safe for anyone to hear
You can hear Lynn White play his tracks on Fridays at 3PM Eastern. You can send requests to
or text, 972.567-2990

5. Word, Worship and Song
DJ TW Blue is back with Word, Worship and Song. He mixes some contemporary music with his favorite traditional gospel sounds especially for you.

6. Yesterday’s Hoppin’, Rockin’ and Beboppin’
This is the very best of your favorite golden oldies from the 50’s and 60’s jukebox.
She plays the oldies but each week, one or two of her tracks will not be from that time frame and if you write her and let her know what the song titles are, who the artist is and from which decade it is from, you can win 1-3 points. At the end of each month you will qualify for our great station prizes or even an Amazong gift card.
If you have requests, write

7. Lift Those Hands
A two hour show with encouraging devotional features and thoughts, lots of banter and glad to take your requests.
He does this at 9PM Eastern every Tuesday.
or text, 972.567-2990

8. KTODD 70’s
Do you remember bell bottoms, the energy crisis, disco and the best music ever from the 70’s? Super cool music and trivia is presented from Todd each Tuesday for 2 hours of fun and memories.
His show will make you feel good. You can hear it on Tuesdays at 1PM EST.

9. Solid State
This is with DJ Mike. He will bring the best of the very best 60’s and 70’s for you and he takes requests and gets them off to you as soon as he can each and every week. Check it out. You will be singing along and snapping those fingers!

10. Hymns for Him
This show is especially designed for those of you who remember and love all of the old familiar hymns you grew up with. Once in a while you might hear the lyrics sung a bit differently but for the most part, it is pretty traditional. We definitely take requests for this show. You can hear these familiar tracks on Sundays at 5PM Eastern.
Please send them to

11. Yesteryears Baseball
Yesteryears’ Baseball is a half hour radio play by play (not pitch by pitch) broadcast involving real player’s specific season results from past years. Each player’s results have been calculated to within an error margin of plus or minus 3% for their performances for that given year. Consideration is given to each player’s offensive hitting averages, and running abilities for any of the eight possibilities (from bases empty to bases loaded) which is then modified by the defensive player’s pitching effectiveness plus team and/or individual fielding averages. The results of each play is randomly generated subject to the constraints mentioned.
Each Friday morning at 9 AM eastern Faye Tambrino and, the “Voice of Yesteryear’s Baseball,” Paul Tambrino, broadcast a game between two teams — (selected by Ocean Waves listeners). Teams can be selected from any past season to play each other in a best of seven series.
Every series to date has gone the full seven games. The 1927 NY Yankees won the first series over their 1961 counterparts, then the 2017 Chicago Cubs defeated the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals (aka “The Gas House Gang”), and then the 1976 Cincinnati Reds (aka “The Big Red Machine) beat the 1969 NY Mets (aka “The Amazing Mets”). We can’t forget the 1949 Red Sox and the 2017 LA Dodgers. Can’t wait for more? Come play ball!

12. Big Bob’s Memory Lane Show
Bob hosts a 3 hour live broadcast every Saturday morning at 9:00 am EST called The Memory Lane Show. He features “Old Time Rock and Roll” music, plays the charted hits from the 60’s and 70’s, one hit wonders and covers. In addition, he reviews “This Date in Rock and Roll History” and spotlights a different theme weekly.
For requests, email Bob at

13. 80’s Agai
DJ Mike plays those 80’s that make you remember the good ol days of music. Some will make you want to dance and others will make you smile or cry. It is one of our fav’s around here. Check him out.


14. Praise, Power and Prayer
An amazing Christian mix of today’s top hits on the Christian Airplay charts. There might be an oldie once in a while but if you love Jesus and current music, this is the show for you. We almost always feature Dr. Steve Brown from Keylife Network and if he doesn’t give you something to think about, nuttin will. LOL! Many other people are featured at different times os come check it out on Wednesdays at 2PM Eastern. Come worship Jesus with great tunes. For a current request write,

15. Double The Feeling With Star
We start out the day and week on Monday mornings at 10AM Eastern. with Star who brings you everything from the golden oldies to today. It is very upbeat and dancible. You will love her soothing voice, as well. If you have requests, email her at

16. Rockin’ Riptides
DJ Greg is cranking it up with the classics from the 70’s to today. His show takes you from AC-DC to ZZ Top.
He takes requests and can be heard on Saturdays at 6:30PM EST.

17. Oceanfront Kickin Country
This will be all boot, scoot and boogieing music from the 80’s on up. It is on theme Thursday because the theme is always country. Join us as we talk about what is going on with country music and country artists and hear their stuff. For requests send an email to

18. Passion Under The Pier
This very romantic show will for sure get you in the mood. You will want to be comfortable, relaxed, have a comfey cover and maybe even a glass of wine. Oh yes, don’t forget the person you are in love with. One of our listeners called this show, “baby making music.”
If you have a dedication to your loved one, send it to

19. Christian Music Review
DJ Phillip will present his special show every Sunday at both 8AM and 8PM and will highlight something new at each show. He has a southern draw that is magical so come check him out and have fun! You can email him at:

20. Same Time, Same Station
For the very best of old time radio, be sure to chime in to hear your amazing hosts, John and Lerry Gassman.
You can hear this on Fridays at 10AM EST.

21. The Hawaiian Connection
Every Friday night, you have the awesome opportunity to hear the best of Hawaiian artists, I_Pop, reggae and more.
Keao will put you in a mood of peace with her beautiful tracks of the islands. You won’t want to miss this amazing presentation.

22 Gospel Jubilee
DJ’s Chip and Denny always have cheerful voices and meaningful music to get you more in tune with The Spirit. They are two men who love Jesus and hope that you do, too! You can hear them on Wednesdays at noon EST.

23. Refresh with Greg Lori
David James hosts this amazing presentation of a great mix of music that goes along with exerpt of Pastor Greg Lori present the Bible and how it impacts us today in daily life. One beautiful hour of inspiration.

24. Top 40; Coast to Coast
Jonathon Apple presents an amazing 3 hour show with your favorite classics that were all in the top 40 at one time or another. It is so much fun to hear his tracks and sing along or dance with the beats. It’s a show you can turn up loud and feel good to.
Join him for a fabulous show every Saturday at 12:30PM Eastern time.

25. 20: The Countdown
This great show brings you the top 20 of each week that entails the very best of todays Christian music.

Throughout the week, you will hear a fun BBQ tips and tricks for your week-days for grilling in ways you never thought of before. Come learn some new ways to use your grill. These are thrown out sparatically so listen often so you don’t miss it. They are each 5 to 10 minutes.
This show always follows directly after Paul and Fay Tambrino on Friday’s after the game.
On Wednesdays and Sundays you will hear a variety of Pastor and inspirational 1 to 30 minute devotions. Some of these people may include the following?
1. Living Proof, Beth Moore
2. Joni and Friends
3. Upwards, Max Lucaito
4. Pastor David Jeremiah
5. Dr. Joy Green
6. Grace to You, John McCarther
7. Dr. Steve Brown
8. Billy Graham
9. Ligonier/RC Sproll Ministries
10. Pastor Greg Doty
11. Pastor Curt Moore and MNA Ministries
12. Pastor Randy Greenwald
…and so many more.
**There will always be new shows so this page will be the place to go to see them all.
**For questions or comments write us at:
To see our full schedule or apply to be a DJ go to our web site