Schedule at a glance

All times are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)


6AM Shoreline Oldies, 50’s-70’s by Ocean Waves Radio
10AM Double the Feeling with Star
5PM Little Bit of this and little bit of that by Dan K simulcasting with Out of sight radio
8PM Southern Comfort by Terry and Phil simulcasting with Epic Radio


6AM Shoreline Oldies by Ocean Waves Radio
1PM KTODD’s 70’s
4PM Country Classics by DJ Terry
8PM K-Pop by the Shore with Blind Toes

Wednesday is All About Worship

Noon Southern Gospel Jubilee by Chip and Denny
2PM Praise, Power and Prayer by Beach Baby
5PM Lift Those Hands by DJ Lynn White


6AM Shoreline Oldies by Ocean Waves Radio
Noon KTODD’s 80″s
3PM Ocean Front Kickin’ Country Countdown by Beach Baby
6PM Theme Thursday by Beach Baby, DJ GregĀ  and Rainbow Girl
8PM The Malt Shop by TBird
10PM Classics by Mr. and Mrs. R


6AM Shoreline Oldies with Ocean Waves Radio
9AM Yesteryear’s Baseball with Paul and Fay Tambrino
10AM Same Time, Same Station with John and Larry Gassman
1PM Beachin It With Beach Baby (The best beach party on the Internet)
3PM The Party by Lynn White
8PM Hawaiian Connection by Kearo Wright
9PM Currents on the Coast by Rainbow Girl
11:00PM Passion Under The Pier by Your After Dark Mistress or The Late Night Bartender


6AM Shoreline Oldies with Ocean Waves Radio
9AM Big Bob’s Memory Lane Show Live by Big Bob Himself
1PM Top 40; Coast to Coast with Jonathon Apple
5PM Rockin’ Riptides by DJ Greg
9PM Midnight Star Caressing the Waves by Star


8AM Christian Music Review 1 with DJ Phillip
9AM Sunday Sermon by Kurt Moore or Randy Greenwaldor Greg Doty
10AM Repeat of Lift Those Hands by Lynn White
12PM Streets of Gold by Jack Reeves
2PM 20; The Countdown
4PM Refresh with Greg Lori
7PM Sunday Southern Gospel by Terry simulcasting with Epic Radio
8PM Christian Music Review 2 with DJ Phillip