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Upon This RockWednesdays at 3:00pm EST

Ocean waves crashing against the rocks

Upon This Rock

Step into the realm of “Upon This Rock,” a unique show that resurrects hidden gems of contemporary Christian music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond – tunes often overlooked by traditional CCM stations. We also sprinkle in some fantastic newer and current tracks. With lively banter and random conversations between your hosts Jim and Rachel, this show stands out as a distinctive experience you won’t find anywhere else. Above all, our primary aim is to glorify God.

Meet DJ Rachel:

Q: How did you and Jim meet?

Jim and I met through our work with what was ACB Radio back in 2004.  I had heard some of his shows and was also doing shows there myself and we just clicked with our musical interests.  We realized how much we enjoyed working as a team after meeting and broadcasting together at the 2004 ACB convention in Bermingham Alabama

Q: What enticed you into radio?

As a kid, I was always fascinated with music and radio which is how a lot of music came to me.  The radio was always on in our house or the car thanks to my older brothers and sister.  The DJ’s sounded like they were always having so much fun playing music, talking to people and giving away prizes.  As I got older, I’d try to win radio contests and often did.  I also became friends with some of the DJ’s I was listening to and was invited to spend time with them in the studios to sit in on their air shift and to make demo air checks.  A few of those people I met as a kid in radio are still very dear friends of mine  to this day.  . 

Q: How long have you been doing radio?

I’ve been involved with some sort of radio since the 1990’s.  There have been internships, volunteer projects, Internet radio and terrestrial radio. 

Q: When did you begin with Ocean Waves Radio?

Jim and I started with Ocean Waves Radio in June of 2023 with our show Upon This Rock.

Q: What is your favorite thing about radio?

My favorite thing about radio is connecting with listeners and playing music for them that may bring joy to their day or great memories back to them. 

Q: When you are not doing radio, what keeps you busy and what hobbies do you have?

When I’m not doing radio, I’m either working as an Assistive Technology Specialist for my job with the Illinois Assistive Technology Program, serving on committees and the board for the American Council of the Blind and Illinois Council of the Blind and most importantly, spending time with my nine-year-old daughter Delaney.

Q: What are your favorite foods?

I like all different kinds of foods.  I’m always up for good flavorful Italian pasta or Asian stir fry as long as there are no mushrooms involved.

Q: What is your favorite types of music?

I like many types of music.  I don’t generally tight-cast musical genres.  If it’s good, I like it is what I tend to say.  Most often though you’ll find me listening to Christian contemporary from the 70’s through today, and rock and soft rock mostly through the 90’s.

Q: Where do your passions lie? This could mean ACB, your daughter, etc.

I’m pretty passionate about all of the projects where I spend my time and talents however I’m most passionate about being a mom to Delaney.  She is such a blessing and I want to take advantage of spending as much time with her as possible and making memories with her to last a lifetime.

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