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ShowShow Time
The 90’s RewindMondays at 3pm EST
Rockin’ RiptidesSaturdays at 6:30pm EST

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The 90’s Rewind

Are you a fan of the grunge and boy band era? Look no further – The 90’s Rewind is tailor-made for you! DJ Greg spins the tunes that transport you back to the days of frosted tips, slap bracelets, and MC Hammer pants. Get ready for a nostalgic trip through the best of 90’s music, spanning country, rock, pop, and even dance and hip hop tracks. Say goodbye to struggling with that cassette tape stuck in your Walkman and join DJ Greg for The 90’s Rewind every Monday from 3 to 4 PM Eastern Time! It’s absolutely da bomb!

Rockin’ Riptides

For a masterclass in air guitaring, dive into the world of Rockin’ Riptides with DJ Greg! Enjoy a thrilling two hours of classic and hard rock anthems, featuring hits and deep cuts spanning the 60s to the early 2000s. From Aerosmith to Zeppelin, AC/DC to ZZ Top, and everything in between – Rockin’ Riptides promises to get your blood pumping! If you can’t choose between classic rock or hard rock, experience the best of both worlds every Saturday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM Eastern Time on Ocean Waves Radio!

Meet the DJ

Hi, I’m DJ Greg, host of Rockin’ Riptides and The 90’s Rewind here on Ocean Waves Radio. Here’s a little about me.

Q: How long have you been on the radio?

Ocean Waves Radio is my first DJing experience.  I started out being a DJ in February of 2022, at the age of 47. I have learned a lot over the years, and it has been so much fun!

Q: What drew you to radio?

Like most people, I was drawn to radio from a young age. Around the age of 10, I would record myself with my boombox and pretend to be a disk jockey. I almost idolized DJ’s, and thought about how cool it would be to play music and connect with an audience on that level.

Q: What do you like about Ocean Waves Radio?

Well, there’s so much to like so I’ll keep it short! LOL. I like that Ocean Waves has given blind and visually impaired DJ’s a place to show off their talents and personalities. Ocean Waves has opened this door to me and many others. And trust me, there are some really cool DJ’s at Ocean Waves Radio! I also like the freedom I have with my shows. I can craft my shows and playlists how I like because I’m not controlled by a corporate giant.

Q: What are your favorite pastimes when you are not on the radio?

This is not really a pastime, but I love spending quality time with my wife. I also like being out in nature, so hiking, canoeing, or just sitting around a campfire. And listening to music, both new finds and old favorites.

Q: And finally, what are your favorite foods?

Hands down, bacon cheese burgers! You can’t go wrong with bacon! right? LOL. But, I also like pizza, French fries, and a sandwich local to my hometown called spiedies.

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