About Us

Ocean Waves Radio has a vast variety of music for you to choose from. If one show is not what you prefer, remember there are many to choose from. Many genres, from slow to fast or soft to hard will be easy to find by clicking on the schedule link. We vow to listen to ideas and respond in a timely fashion. We began putting the station together in June of 2020 for our listener’s pleasure. Our DJ’s are committed to playing what you want to hear. Two days a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, we offer a variety of Christian music so that you can start your week with a great outlook and again in the middle of the week for a Worship Wednesdays uplifting boost, as we get our worship on. We will be offering sports shows, as well. You can see, there is something for everybody. Tell your friends and family about Ocean Waves Radio, Where the waves send ripples down your spine.