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Same Time, Same StationFridays at 10:00am EST

Vintage AM/FM radio dial

Same Time, Same Station

Tune in for a journey into the golden era of radio with the remarkable hosts, John and Lerry Gassman, on “Same Time, Same Station.” Immerse yourself in the very best of old-time radio as they guide you through a nostalgic experience filled with timeless classics.

Meet the DJs

Q: How did Same Time, Same Station come about?

This is the second version of Same Time, Same Station. It began as a documentary program in 1971 and lasted until 1973. It was produced by KRLA in Pasadena, Ca. Much of the content for the show came from the archives of the Pacific Pioneer broadcasters in Hollywood.

In 1980 Woody Schultz from KPCC Pasadena launched another version of the show. He played old radio shows weekly. John and I appeared many times during that year as guests. When Woody decided to move to Arizona, he asked John and I to take the producing and hosting chores.

We began the show in October of 1980. It lasted on KPCC until February 2000. KPCC was a national public radio station that changed at that time to an all news format. They are still all news, 20 years later.

The show is still currently heard on the Internet.

Q: How many stations play your show each week?

We have a dozen web sites that play the show and two radio stations in New Mexico.

Q: What is the one think you love about life?

I love many things about life including my God, my church, my family, people, laughter, and now, that I am fully retired, I love my many hobbies. I’ve been very blessed to have been involved with some TV and movies. And so, I’ve traveled a lot. I’d love to travel again once Covid is past us.

Q: What are your favorite types of music?

I like older rock. But I am a 47 year Barbershopper and I love to sing that music as well. I also love the music of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

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