Special Events

Coming Soon!!!!!

We are so excited to announce our first birthday coming up on October 16. If you are listening to Ocean Waves Radio you have already heard about our on air party scheduled from 5PM Eastern to 7PM. You will be able to join us on zoom and we can even allow you to say happy birthday to the station and tell all listeners how much it means to you. You can meet our fabulous DJ’s and then enjoy the show and the music. The zoom link will be sent out on the web site and you can also request it by sending an email to

All of us the the station’s team look forward to a super fun party and it just won’t be the same without you.
We have come such a long way, starting with only 3 DJ’s and now having so many more who have joined. They will be listed below for you to see.

We are simulcasting with 4 other stations.

We are adding new opportunities for our listeners on Patreon and encourage you to check those out.

We were mostly using auto DJ when we first started and now have 25 to 30 shows per week.

More are coming within the next few weeks, as well. Our schedule is filling up.

Come join us for the celebration of each of these items and of all of our great staff.

Can’t wait to meet all of you at our zoom party.

Here is a list of our DJ’s and their shows.

Double the feeling with Star
Midnight Star caressing the waves
Lynn White
The Party
Lift those Hands
His True Love
Theme Thursday
Blind Toes
K-Pop by the shore
Theme Thursday
Passion under the pier
Alex and Lou
Worship Unlimited
Rainbow Girl
Classic Country on the Coast
Currents on the Coast
Meditations with Rainbow Girl
Children’s Hour
Musical Madness from Malibu
Theme Thursday
Johnny V
Cruising the oldies at the hop
Larry and John Gassman
Same Time, Same Station
Talented HV
Poppin’ It on the Sea
Theme Thursday
Big Bob
Memory Lane Show
Terry and Phil
Southern Comfort
Magic Turn Table
Sunday Gospel Hour
Kaeo Write
The Hawaiian Connection
Beach Baby
Game Night at the Beach Brain Bungalow
Theme Thursday
Oceanfront Kickin’ Country
Music for the old soul
Beachin’ it with beach baby
Hymns for Him
Passion under the pier
Larry Wayne and his staff
Streets of Gold
Paul and Fay Tambrino
Yesteryears Baseball
Pastor Curt Moore and Pastor Randy Greenwald
Sermons on the Shore